The automatic, cordless powered, liquid transfer pump.(Buy two free shipping today)

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Turbopump is the automatic, cordless powered, liquid transfer pump that easily lets you move liquids! It takes the hassle out of filling gas tanks, refilling windshield fluid and so much more. And no more spillovers!
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  • 99.3% of Reviewers Recommends This Product.
Just dip the end into the water and press the on switch, and this remarkable lightweight siphon pump will draw water through the pipe and pump it out of the hose.

    •  The auto-stop sensor detects when the tank is full
    • ❤ Transfer gas, water, oil and more without the mess
    • ❤ Transfer over a gallon in seconds
    • ❤ It can be used to empty fish tanks, drain pools, clean flooded basements, etc.

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      Ideal for thousands of uses around the home: 

      1. 💥Emptying water butts
      2. 💥Draining ponds and paddling pools
      3. 💥Emptying and refilling fish tanks, aquaria
      4. 💥Emptying bath water for use in the garden
      5. 💥Clearing flooded basements and other areas
      6. 💥Lightweight and portable, fitted with a handy hole for wall

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